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At SkinSutra, we are a Med Spa in Oakville that provides a variety of aesthetic and medical treatments for our patients, and these treatments not only improve the appearance of their skin but also address skin issues that have greatly accelerated the aging process. Our medical spa professionals have years of expertise, which allows them to thoroughly inspect your skin and issues and devise a treatment plan that is completely individualized to your preferences and requirements. After that, we make use of one or more of the therapies that we provide in order to completely revitalize the skin from the inside out.





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At SkinSutra Med Spa, we have one goal, and that is to provide our patients with services that are of the highest possible quality by using advanced techniques and products in the field of cosmetic medicine. Our medical experts include highly trained professionals in a variety of fields, including aestheticians and registered nurses who are experts in their fields. Our mission is to provide services that will leave each of our patients feeling confident in themselves and content with the way they look.


An Aesthetic

At SkinSutra Med Spa in Oakville, you may spoil yourself with exquisite services of the highest quality by taking advantage of our skin and body treatments in our luxurious Oakville office. We provide therapies that are not intrusive in order to repair, maintain, and improve the appearance of your skin so that you appear younger and healthier, while ensuring you feel comfortable and at ease during your visit.



At SkinSutra in Oakville, we provide a variety of skin injectables that may create the overall appearance of a facelift without the need for surgical intervention. These injectables can enhance volume, minimize the appearance of aging skin, and provide the overall look of a facelift. Dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers are two of the injectable procedures that we provide at our medical spa. These treatments are designed to deliver the most attractive and safest outcomes possible.


"Beautiful clinic! The staff is extremely knowledgeable and professional. The space is clean and beautifully designed. Highly recommend SkinSutra Medspa!"

- A.F. Real Client Review


Your Look

When it comes to correctly improving the overall appearance of our patients’ skin, our skin tightening treatments make use of the industry-leading Forma and Forma Plus technique. Our skin tightening treatments offered at our med spa in Oakville may tighten the skin around the face, the neck, the chest, and other sections of the body to stimulate more collagen in the skin, which eventually leads to skin that not only appears more youthful but also feels more youthful.

Maja C.

SkinSutra is the best! Throughout my 6 sessions of laser hair removal, I have felt extremely well cared for! They are very professional and have always made me feel comfortable...

Shannon V.

I had such a wonderful experience at SkinSutra. I received six forma facial treatments and I love results. My skin is tighter, more lifted, and I have a more youthful glow...

Kimsy P.

The girls at the clinic are highly skilled with valuable knowledge and expertise! Thanks to the Skinsutra team for taking the time to review my skin concerns and giving me the results I was looking for...

Angel S.

I went in there for a Hydrafacial and I loved it! Left with glowing skin and a pleasant experience! Highly recommend...

Ashley N.

I received a hydrafacial at SkinSutra. The experience was very relaxing and calm. The space itself is very modern and aesthetically pleasing. The peel that’s included with the hydrafacial...

Melissa F.

It has only been my second session with the Skinsutra team, and I already feel compelled to leave a review. Harjit has made every step of the experience very comfortable...

Laser Hair

One of the most effective methods for permanently removing hair from various places of the body is called laser hair removal. The hair follicles on the legs, arms, and underarms, as well as other areas, are killed by this therapy, which results in the hair follicles being permanently removed. After a series of treatments with a laser for hair removal, the hair follicles are destroyed at each stage of the hair development cycle, and the hair no longer grows back. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for anyone who is searching for a method of hair removal that is permanent.


HydraFacial MD

The HydraFacial MD treatment is offered at our med spa in Oakville, it is a face procedure that lasts for thirty minutes and comprises extraction, chemical peeling, exfoliation, and washing. During the process, it eliminates the undesirable components, such as the debris that clogs pores and leads to breakouts of acne, and it either repairs or adds the desirable components, leaving your skin appearing younger and more revitalized. In reality, HydraFacial MD combines not one but five distinct stages of therapy within a single appointment which is all tailored to your unique needs and skin concerns.


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If you are ready to address those pesky indications of aging that have appeared on your skin, then give our specialists at our med spa in Oakville a call. We would be pleased to assess your issues and build a treatment plan that is accurate and effective depending on your requirements. We are excited to work with you to achieve the rejuvenation of your skin that you truly desire!

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