What is it and what does it do?

Botox/ Dysport/ Xeomin are muscle relaxants also called wrinkle relaxants. The most common use of these injections is to temporarily relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes. These wrinkle relaxers can freshen your look by softening fine lines on the face, such as frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet around the eyes.

They can also be used to treat a gummy smile, eyebrow lift, masseter reduction (facial slimming by softening prominent jaw muscles), excessive sweating and they can also be used to help with tension headaches.

What you need to know prior to the wrinkle relaxers treatment

We recommend that you stop taking Aspirin, aspirin, omega-3’s, vitamin E, fish oils or (any anti-inflammatory medications that would cause blood thinning) about 2 days before your treatment to minimize the chance of bruising. Do not consume alcohol before the treatment because that will also cause bruising. You cannot do the wrinkle relaxers treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. There is minimal pain and no downtime with this treatment. This treatment can be done in 15 to 20 minutes. It can take approximately 4 to 7 days for results to be seen. If the desired result is not seen after 2 weeks of your treatment, you may need additional wrinkle relaxers.

Post care of the wrinkle relaxer s treatment

Do not manipulate the treated area for 4 hours following treatment. Do not receive facial/ laser treatments or microdermabrasion after wrinkle relaxants injections for at least 10 days. Do not lie down for 4 hours after your treatment. This will prevent the wrinkle relaxer from tracking into the orbit of your eye and causing drooping eyelid.

Do not perform activities involving straining, heavy lifting, or vigorous exercise for 6 hours after treatment to prevent the product from diffusing away from the initial injection site.