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Have you been looking to enhance the look of your face without undergoing invasive surgery? Dermal fillers are subtly and deliberately positioned on various areas of the face during a liquid facelift to make you look and feel your absolute best. Not only can fillers restore lost volume but it can also be used to fill in wrinkles and fine lines, leaving you with radiant youthful-looking skin.

What Is A Liquid Facelift?

Typically, a liquid facelift involves injecting natural hyaluronic acid from manufacturers with scientific support into many facial regions, including the lips, beneath the eyes, cheeks, jawline, temples, and chin.

To get naturally stunning results, the liquid lift method needs skill, technique, and accurate filler application from a true expert. Thankfully at SkinSutra in Oakville all of our experts are able to provide liquid facelift results that look completely natural and enhance your natural beauty.

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Benefits Of A Liquid Facelift

There are many benefits involved with a liquid facelift procedure including:

  • Treating fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reducing sagging skin
  • Adding volume to lost areas of the face
  • Minimally invasive and quick treatment
  • Requires no downtime for the patient

Candidates For Liquid Facelifts In Oakville

If you’re looking to safely and efficiently enhance your look and increase self-confidence with a liquid facelift then you may be a candidate for this type of treatment. Patients who have moderate indications of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles or little volume loss who do not have significantly drooping skin or formed jowls are the best candidates for a liquid facelift.

How Long Do Liquid Facelifts Last For?

Depending on the substance utilized, a liquid facelift might last for months or even years. That said, each patient is different and can require maintenance treatments to prolong the results of the facelift.

How To Get Ready For Your Liquid Facelift In Oakville

For at least two weeks before the treatment, refrain from taking any blood thinners, and abstain from alcohol for 24 hours prior to the procedure. A nutritious diet and lots of water consumption in the days before the liquid facelift will assist to ensure that your skin is hydrated and prepared for the treatment.

How Does A Liquid Facelift Work?

During a liquid facelift there are a few different skin treatments used in combination to provide the ultimate results.

Normally, dermal fillers, which are chemicals that plump up the skin and smooth out wrinkles, will be injected by your expert into the cheeks, around the lips, and under the eyes. That said, we may also utilize wrinkle relaxers to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

During your consultation with us we will be able to decide where to inject which product since each client’s needs are different and each patient is looking for distinct results.

What To Anticipate After A Liquid Facelift

It’s normal for patients to experience some bruising, swelling, or discomfort at the injection sites that will go away in 24 to 48 hours.

That said, avoid considerable movement, such as a massage, on the injection sites for at least one week and refrain from engaging in intense activities to prevent any risks from occurring.

Learn More About The Liquid Facelift Process In Oakville

Whether you want to reduce wrinkles, enhance skin tone, or add volume to your features, we can design a treatment plan just for you that will provide observable results. You may be sure that you’re receiving the greatest treatment possible since we only use the best materials and have the most qualified professionals. Contact our Oakville clinic to arrange a consultation if you want to look younger and feel more confident with the help of a liquid facelift!

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