The Radiance Facial : $120

This brightening and rejuvenating treatment is suitable for all skin types, but is mainly designed for dull and tired-looking skin. It includes a deep cleanse and gentle exfoliation using fruit enzymes to revitalize dull skin. Relax and recharge with a brightening mask to reveal a beautiful glow! The treatment ends with the application of a serum and SPF.

Blackhead Removal Facial : $110

A treat for oily, acne-prone skin, this facial starts with facial steam and double cleansing, opening the pores and removing all dirt and makeup from the skin, followed my manual extractions to clear out impurities rom your skin. Say hello to a clearer complexion!

Dermaplaning Facial : $120

Who doesn’t love dermaplaning? It is a quick and effective procedure to remove dead skin cells from the surface and achieve a beautiful glow. Pair that up with deep cleansing, a relaxing facial massage, and mask, and we have MAGIC.

Dermaplaning only : $70